Fair Dinkum Honey
Fair Dinkum Honey

Fair Dinkum 100% Australian Raw Honey.

Nothing added, no chemicals, no heating, just real natural honey collected from Western Australia’s ancient native forests.

Quality Honey at the Best Prices

Fair Dinkum Honey sells eucalyptus honeys, in spring we collect a York Gum, weeds and wildflower mix. Early in spring we call this Weeds and Wildflowers, later as the wildflowers die off in the heat the mix changes and we call it York Gum, it all tastes great. The rest of the year we collect the best pure eucalyptus honeys from the Western Australian forests.

We do not blend our honey and collect nothing from the coast, your guarantee is the taste.

Western Australian Honey Health Benefits

Honey from trees like Jarrah and Marri have 30% higher total antimicrobial activity (TA) than New Zealand’s Manuka Honey, but it is not just Jarrah and Marri, most of our eucalyptus and many of our other plants and trees have medical benefits with more yet to be discovered.

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